Zenith Corporation is a renowned real estate firm in Chandigarh, Punjab involved in aggregating parcels of land for future sale or development. Our mission is to effectively manage and repurpose an inventory of underused, abandoned or foreclosed property channelizing them into various construction projects. We have fruitful collaboration with both government and private sectors where our land banks have gained broad support to best address both municipal, state and local needs. Customer can regularly visit our site for updated details on the land bank for sale in Mohali.

Buy Land Bank For Sale in Mohali

Numerous roads, highways, electricity compound, metro projects, railway lines, hospitals, institutions, and even factories have been established through our land bank for sale in Mohali up till now. We cater to both government and private players who are interested in land aggregation for repurposed construction projects. Our clients mostly range from departments of health, banking, education, power & energy, and civil infrastructure. Customers can avail underused, abandoned or foreclosed property at affordable prices. We believe in fair deals that involve transparency and integrity.

Keeping up with the government’s initiative to boost rural development we have started the land bank for sale in Mohali among rural areas as well. This will be facilitated by transfer of common village land in rural areas to the state’s industrial development. ‘gram panchayats’ play a great role in this venture they could, with the prior approval of the state government, transfer the common land vested in it by way of sale on deferred payment terms to industries department or psiec for their industrial infrastructure projects. Individuals, government and private organisations could benefit in a great way through our land bank projects. We are immensely happy to be a contributing factor while paving the way for commercial and industrial development through zenith concepts’ land bank for sale in Mohali.